Pine Bird Cage
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Pine Bird Cage

We own birds...little, messy dusty
We love our little messy dusty birds
but hate the "messy" and the

This particular cage has a Plexiglass
door in front with doors on the side
with aviary screen with removable
Plexiglass panels for the winter.  It
has a thermostat attached to ceramic
heat bulbs, a UV light on a timer and
exhaust fans with collection bags for
dust and feathers.  Removable
curtains are included so you can
clean the doors and back wall with
out the birds escaping.  The back is a
solid sheet of Formica for ease of
cleaning.  The collection drawer on
the bottom is 4 1/2" deep because
bedding and seed shells multiply by
the minute.
The stain color was chosen by the
client from standard and custom mix
colors from Lowes.