Pine and Birch Cabinet

This is our office.  It is a modified
version of a design we have for an
animal enclosure.  It is not quite
finished, we need to add decorative
radius molding in areas "A" and
paint in "C". We imagine birds,
snakes or ferrets in 2 or all 3 upper
sections of the cabinet.  Desk
optional.  Plexi doors with venting
and fans, UV lights and added
humidity if needed.  The drawers
would be the bedding drawers and
the lower cabinets for storage.  
Dotted area B is where we are
planning a bird cage for this version.  
Columns "D" are removable to
expose the opening between the
double walled cabinet.  The opening
is used to hide power cords or
tubing.  In this case it hides all the
computer cables that are routed to
the lower cabinet on the right which
is vented and has fans "E" keeping
the computers cool.

Photos will be posted when it is